Guitars and other instruments are a common form of art that many people enjoy. Guitar and Instruments is the one stop place for all your guitar needs, from guitars to amps and everything in between. Guitar and Instruments has an extensive selection of guitars, including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, violin cases and violins. Guitar and Instruments also carries a wide variety of accessories such as drumsticks or picks so you can play your instrument with ease! Guitarists will find everything they need at Guitar and Instruments

Guitar and instruments are a great way to make music. Guitar is a stringed instrument, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking or strumming its strings with fingers or a pick. Instruments can be found all around the world, from traditional Scottish bagpipes to Indonesian gamelan gong ensembles. Guitarists use their fingers or a plectrum (pick) on these strings to produce sound from those that vibrate as they're struck, called "plucked". Guitar players often pluck notes using either their index finger for more delicate sounds or their thumb for louder ones; this is known as finger-picking because it's done with one hand while other fingers of that hand still grip


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